Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ty Rhyg visit 5

Yesterday’s session saw the first influx of juvenile birds with 22 juvs of nine species, out of a total catch of 52 birds of 18 species. It was really nice to see the first young willow tit of the season, a species which is all too scarce in Pembs.  All the young birds were checked for fault bars in their tail feathers, which is evidence of a starvation period due to bad weather whilst in the nest, but amazingly all were perfect.

A few adult willow warblers have already started their autumn moult so presumably for them the breeding season is now over and they are preparing for their journey back to Africa. Seven bullfinches in one morning (six of which were males) is unusual for Ty Rhyg, and so too is a spotted flycatcher.

willow tit juvenile
spotted flycatcher

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