Friday, 3 July 2015

Stormie Ringing

The Teifi Ringing Group came and helped out on Wednesday with a successful Storm Petrel Ringing session and they have already posted some details. 

One of the things we were looking at is the wear and moult patterns on the wings of the birds and of the 101 new birds caught one with very worn wing feathers throughout and with dark chocolate brown wings generally looked like a good candidate for a 2014 returning juvenile.  Another bird looked like it had replaced all its secondaries but nothing else and many showed wear and fading on the greater coverts and tertials - which is to be expected if they are almost a year old and are fundamentally protecting the other wing feathers when the bird is at rest. 

One of the controls was a French ringed bird,  the first time we have caught a bird with a French ring, and the two other controls were ringed on Skokholm on 26th and 30th July 2014 - so they are back in local waters.

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