Sunday, 28 October 2012

Belgian Blackcap

A trip to Kilpaison by five of the group yesterday morning produced a catch of around 45 birds. The highlight was a control 1stW  blackcap wearing a Brussels ring. It proved very difficult to read, and various people had to make an attempt using a variety of optical aids before agreement on the ringing scheme could be made. This highlights the main problem associated with the gradually shifting age profile of licensed bird ringers; soon no one will be able to read the ring numbers!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Red and gold - the colours of Autumn

After a lengthy spell of being unable to go ringing it was great to be out with Paul at Ty Rhyg trying to catch some autumn migrants - and unlike in the summer sessions - we did actually catch some birds! At dawn  a few redwings dropped in but the main species was goldcrest with 24 being ringed out of a total catch of 65.

Much to Paul's delight a yellow-browed warbler had appeared in a mistnet in Steve's garden two days previously,  so we were very optimistic when checking the nets, but we caught nothing unusual though adult male goldfinch and redpoll always brighten up the session.