Thursday, 7 February 2013

Almost a hattrick

Last night a visit was made with Den to some fields in the Maenclochog area of Preseli to survey and ring woodcock. Even though only ten days previously the area was welly-deep in snow, there were plenty of birds about with 28 recorded in three fields totaling 15 hectares. This is nearly four times the average density of 0.5 birds per hectare. Clearly if the woodcock in this area vacated during the week long period of snow cover then they returned quickly and brought a bunch of their mates back with them. Catching conditions were good for a change, and 16 were ringed, all of which were new.

We also ringed a snipe and saw a jack snipe which unfortunately was not settled enough to get close to. It's a puzzle why jack snipe are impossible to flush in the day, but almost impossible to approach at night.

Snipe - only the sixth this winter