Sunday, 10 June 2012

Some Ringing Recoveries from Skokholm - one of them is amazing.

A Willow Warbler retrapped on Skokholm on 16th April 2011 was ringed at Portland Bill on 23rd April 2010 - so it was on its second northern migration and typically heading north west and potentially heading to Ireland or Scotland.

Another Willow Warbler retrapped on Skokholm on 20th April 2010 was ringed at Aros Moss, Strathclyde on 2nd May 2010 and probably breeding there and on its way back there.

A Reed Warbler retrapped on 26th September 2011 was ringed as a young bird in Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, Germany on 25th August 1281 km from Skokholm. Its only the eight retrap/recovery from Germany (there have also been four from Poland) but it was almost in Denmark. Presumably it got its autumn migration completely wrong. Have alook at Google maps and see just where it came from.

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