Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cetti's recoveries

During Autumn 2010, John and Paul caught four Cetti’s Warblers at Kilpaison Marsh, a site that Cetti’s have formerly bred at, but weren’t thought to have done so in 2010. Remarkably, two were controls, and even more remarkably,  the others were recovered! Cetti’s are usually sedentary, though juveniles are capable of medium distance dispersal movements in the autumn. All were juvenile when originally ringed, but T147893 may have dispersed as an adult perhaps during the cold snap in January 2010 and the two that were ringed in Pembs have perhaps returned to their natal areas? Can’t say for sure but it’s a good reason to target ringing at more sites with Cetti’s Warblers in the winter, and perhaps too, our even more recent colonist; Dartford Warbler.

L296082                27-06-2010   Bainton Gravel Pits: 52°38'N 0°22'W (Cambridgeshire)
Caught by ringer      21-11-2010   Kilpaison Marsh, Rhoscrowther: 51°40'N 5°3'W
                                                 337km   WSW   0y 4m 25d

T147893               02-06-2007    near Marsworth, near Tring: 51°48'N 0°40'W  
Caught by ringer 16-10-2010    Kilpaison Marsh, Rhoscrowther: 51°40'N 5°3'W                                                      
                                                     302km   W   3y 4m 14d

L53495               30-10-2010   Kilpaison Marsh, Rhoscrowther: 51°40'N 5°3'W
Caught by ringer   11-06-2011   Attenborough Nature Reserve: c. 52°54'N 1°14'W
                                                     Nottinghamshire   294km   ENE   0y 7m 12d

L534559              28-Sep-2010   Kilpaison Marsh, Rhoscrowther, Pembrokeshire
Caught by ringer 10-Jun-2012   Brandon Marsh, Warwickshire 52 22’ N  1 27’ W
                                                621 days    Distance: 259km

Three of the above movements make it into the top five longest movements within UK.

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