Thursday, 16 May 2013

Des res for dippers and more migrant waders

Last week we checked the nine dipper boxes put up during March and early April under various bridges in the Preseli area, thinking that they were probably put up too late to be used this season. We were very pleased to find that three were already occupied including a dipper nest containing a brood of five that will be fledging any day now from a box that didn't go up until 4th April. They must have started to move in as we walked away from the bridge. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the pics taken whilst ringing the brood before I could get them off the camera. The other two occupied boxes had a dipper on eggs and a newly lined grey wagtail nest.

The wader passage is still in full swing with whimbrel and dunlin dominating the scene. So far, 34 whimbrel and 9 dunlin have been ringed, all of which are stunning in their summer plumage.

summer plumage dunlin

two whimbrel (one with a bill as long as male curlew)

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