Thursday, 20 June 2013

Brutes when they're cute

This time of year is dedicated to monitoring nests and in particular those of raptors. Of four goshawk nests found in April, three hatched eggs but one nest was (believe it or not) predated when the chicks were about 3 weeks old. The two nests that are still on the go have broods of 2 and 3, and with help from staff and students from a local college, all five chicks were ringed yesterday. Although the male chicks were more advanced, one only weighed 660g compared to his younger sister at 1090g, almost twice the size.
a brood of three with two females on the left and a male on the right

the eyes start off pale grey and gradually turn orange/yellow

The least well studied raptor in Pembs is also the commonest - the buzzard. Paul has been keeping an eye on   a few nests and one pair produced a brood of two, compared to the usual single chick.

Two healthy buzzards at 4 to 5 weeks old

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  1. Excellent work with the goshawks. I live in Crymych and it's great to know they are nearby.